About Me

Rahul Kanal aka Rahul Narain Kanal is an Indian Politician and Youth Activist serving as Core Committee Member of Yuva Sena ( A youth wing of Shiv Sena ), Education Committee Member of MCGM and President of “I Love Mumbai Foundation”. Rahul N Kanal was born on 25 September 1985.

Come Rahul Kanal, who genuinely deserves the label of a ‘Youth Icon’ aims to make Mumbai a better place not only for everyone but specifically for the youth of this city too. We aimlessly flip news channels day in and day out and watch the older generation rant their views seamlessly. But how often do we see someone of our age and capability making sense and putting forth valid points that may directly affect our lives? A few only! One could say that being in the hospitality industry for more than 10 years has made Rahul Kanal develop a keen sense of understanding when it comes to people’s wants and needs, in this case particularly the youth.

He firmly believes in the ideology of the youth of Mumbai and the importance of youth involvement in society and process of governance and that a catalyst for change and development needs to be created. He overlooks and takes into consideration the problems occurring at the grass root level in Mumbai and Maharashtra. An ardent Salman Khan fan, he spreads his same passion by availing the disabled children of NGO Ashray to flawlessly enjoy every Salman Khan’s movie through a screening. His passion has also translated into opening a restaurant where not only an array of delicious food is served but in keeping with the theme this place adds an extra spark to an otherwise regular eating joint.

From someone being the 1st to be elected as the District President for the Yuva Sena in Mumbai to being the youngest Vice President in the District Yuva Sena Committee and also being a member of All India Youth Team of Yuva Sena, Rahul Kanal has come a long way in empowering the youth of this nation by taking up causes that are overlooked these days.

These enriching attempts to make better the surroundings are only a few who take up, and lead the way for everyone to follow and divulge into the process of a better society. His generosity and selfless work has touched upon many lives. Dare we say that we all need some gallantly-charismatic-dutiful-leaders in this chaos? And, that we’re glad we ardently have one waiting to lead into the good!